Swap n Drop Slots

The best things don't come in twos. At least not with Betsoft. The best things come in clusters, which is the impetus behind Swap'n Drop. So prepare to dick your way through the gaming reels because Swap'n Drop doesn't hold back with the blockbuster winning combinations.

About the Gaming Juggernaut

As we mentioned in the intro, Betsoft is the creative genius behind the monumental title Swap'n Drop. For over ten years, Betsoft has crafted engaging and interactive five-reel titles. These same games feature character development and epic bonus rounds.

A Deep Dive into Swap'n Drop

Swap'n Drop brings the gaming intensity with five reels. Swap'n Drop is a recent release, so it is steadily making its way into the Betsoft casinos. The game's theme centers on mining deep under the ground.

And to help soak you into the gaming ambiance, Swap'n Drop features authentic mining sounds with carts moving around in the background. In addition, this game aims to amass cluster wins that keep compounding to your winning favor.

And to help you along the way, Swap'n Drop provides the fundamental gaming options to help navigate through this virtual mine. For example, Swap'n Drop delivers a vigorous pay line arrow system where you can quickly determine the number of Swap'n Drop pay lines you wish to wager per outing. Remember, Swap'n Drop believes in the cluster pay system, so you might consider wagering the maximum pay lines in this dynamite 5x8 grid.

Likewise, Swap'n Drop provides a robust options button system where you can fine-tune the game settings, like the reel speed and the other sensitive gaming ambiance. And, of course, in true Betsoft fashion, you can build those cluster wins through autoplay or manual mode.

Mining through the Paytable

Because Swap'n Drop's theme is mining, you can expect a host of mining-themed symbols to round out the gaming environment. However, the gold ore is the wild symbol in Swap'n Drop. This golden beauty doubles winning combinations and adds extra winning power to the cluster system.

Beyond the golden wild symbol, Swap'n Drop features different colored gemstones as the driving game icons. You have pink ones, orange, green, purple, and yellow ones with the gemstones. The more of the like-colored that falls, the greater the winning intensity in the cluster system. Even better, you can win through the cluster system, diagonally, or from either side of the reels.

With a generous RTP of 96%, the time is now to start digging for gold with Betsoft's newly minted title, Swap'n Drop slots.