88 Frenzy Fortune Slots

It's no secret that the number 88 holds special meaning and power in Asian mythology, and its total power continues with the romp and smashing hit 88 Frenzy Slots. Betsoft gets the nod for this creative and colorful title. Prepare for the ultimate number eight release over three reels.

You're Going to Love this New Frontier

88 Frenzy Slots is an interactive four-reel title with one pay line. The game's goal is to unlock the full power of the number eight while enjoying the bowels of outer space. The interactivity of 88 Frenzy is off the charts, complete with shooting stars exploding in the background.

Because 88 Frenzy only has one pay line, there are no pay line arrows like most 3D slots to manipulate the reels. However, you can control how deep in the gaming hole you want to go into the richness and depths of outer space.

For this, 88 Frenzy Slots provides a robust coin-value button system. So, gamblers of all comfort levels can make vast swaths of bets based on user comfort level. And to shoot for the lucky stars, 88 Frenzy Slots provides a straightforward autoplay feature. Of Course, you can rely on the manual feature to get into the game.

88 Frenzy Fortune Has the Icons

Betsoft is not going to let you go into the bowels of outer space without all you need for deep sea travel. The pay table is full of engaging and promising game symbols. We begin with the notion that 88 Frenzy doesn't have an official wild symbol.

For this, you can further rack up extraordinary winning combinations through the number 8, which we will break down further. Also, the fiery 88 leads the gaming pack by paying you with 177.60 credits for an entire row.

The yellow 88 powers through the winning ranks by paying you 33.60 credits for a full complement. Also, the silver 88 delivers the extra winning goodness with 13.60 credits. Keeping the game spirit alive, 88 Frenzy also offers the double fiery fish, which pays 7.60 credits. And you have the single fiery fish that rewards you with 3.60 credits for a complete row.

88 Frenzy Fortune keeps the reels small while giving you a chance to earn additional and hefty winning combinations. For example, you can score a winning combination by getting any combination of the number 88. Likewise, you can achieve victory by getting a trio of any fish.

The Frenzy Grows in the Bonus Round

88 Frenzy Fortune continues the deep space venture with some riveting bonus play. So let the bonus frenzy begin. When you spin the reels, the fourth reel contains particular unique winning combinations that go with your standard winning combinations.

One of those fourth reel bonus features involves an eighteen-times winning multiplier. Or, you can get an eight-times winning multiplier for a smaller constellation prize.

The power is in your hands. And to ensure that you walk away with some kind of winning multiplier, 88 Frenzy Fortune offers you stellar winning multipliers like the standard double, five-times, and the aforementioned eight-times winning multiplier.

While 88 Frenzy Fortune might not have standard free spins, like the other games, it has a dynamite re-spin round waiting for you to unload. With this feature, all four reels re-spin and rewards you with an identical win. Here, you can reach a possible four-times winning multiplier. Additionally, in this mode, you can earn up to a five-times winning multiplier.

Other Aspects

88 Frenzy Fortune is a mobile-driven slot game available at prominent Betsoft casinos. The RTP stands at 96%.